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Getting Started

You have to follow proper procedure to receive a driver's permit. Without one, you can't complete our course. Follow the procedures outlined below to receive all the benefits of our course.
1. Call RFC at (856) 881-4583

2. Make an Appointment to Go to the NJ DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) with Your Instructor

3. You'll Receive a Package from RFC with Your Contract and a "Green Card," Which Is an Application for a Permit

4. You'll Need "6 Points" of Identification, for Example:
• Original Birth Certificate with Raised Seal (4 Pts.)
• Current Health Insurance or Prescription Card (1 Pt.)
• High School Written Test Waiver Card (1 Pt.)
• Social Security Card (1 Pt.)

Proof of Address:

• Report Card with School ID and Address
• or Checking or Savings Account Statement
• or Other Official Letter
• or Utility Bill
Call RFC at (856) 881-4583 if you have any questions about the required ID forms.

5. Your Permit Will Be Secured, and Then:
• You'll Get Three Two-Hour Lessons
• Your DMV Road Test Will Be Scheduled
• Your Permit Will Be Validated
Call (856) 881-4583 for low rates!
Contact our driving school in Glassboro, New Jersey, for personalized service that makes it easy to qualify for your driver's permit.