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Comprehensive Driving Classes for Teens and Adults

Become a defensive driver with driving classes for teens and adults from our facility in Glassboro, New Jersey. RFC Driving School teaches young people the importance of safe driving. For experienced drivers, we refresh your memory about road rules.

Student Drivers

A student driver is an individual who has completed an approved New Jersey High School Driver Education class and has passed the state written test. A RFC instructor will transport the student driver to a New Jersey motor vehicle agency to complete the following transactions:
• Purchase Permit ($10.00)
• Take Vision Test
• Take Written Test (If Needed)


The valid permit will remain with RFC Driving School until the state-mandated six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction is completed. Upon completion of six hours of instruction, the student will receive his/her permit. The permit is valid until he/she passes the driving test or for three months after the student's seventeenth birthday.


Practice driving must be done with a New Jersey licensed driver with three years of experience. This training can only occur between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Skills Covered During Lessons:

• Intersections
• Three-Point Turn
• Parallel Parking
• Signaling
• Steering
• Turning
• Backing up
• Preparation before Starting the Car
• Highway Driving

Course Benefits:

• Individualized Instruction
by Professional Educators
• Insurance Rates Reduced
• Door-to-Door Service
• Fees

Special Student Permit, $10.00, Must Have:

• Six Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction:
Call 856-881-4583 for Low Rates!
• Original Birth Certificate
• High School Written Test Card
• Social Security Number

Adult Behind-the-Wheel Classes

Refresh your memory about what it takes to be a good driver with classes from RFC Driving School. We create a program tailored to your individual needs. We will work with you until you are comfortable behind the wheel.

You can use one of our cars or your own. Instruction includes reacquainting you with road rules and regulations. We also teach you driving skills and help you understand how your car functions. If you need a ride to the DMV to take your driving test, we give you one.
Contact us for on-the-road instruction that helps you learn how to deal with a variety of driving conditions.